3D Expértos Provide the MENA Region with a portfolio of creative 3D solutions that leads to renovated opportunities, such financing opportunities, cost reduction, better performance, and higher productivity. We strive to exploit the promising high value of the 3D-Printing ecosystem including, 3D-Printers, 3D-Scanners, 3D-printing materials and 3D-solutions that emerging cross wide range of sectors. Building on our dedication, experience and network, we keen to transform the values of 3D-Printing  into benefits and opportunities to our clients.

We Nurture a winning network of partners a whom with we create mutual and enduring value together. Our network includes leading manufacturers, consultants, think tanks and international institutes. In term of geographical network, our partners are placed in USA, UK, Europe and Russia.




Billion $

The projected growth reach of 3D printing market in 2020.

(According to MarketsandMarkets)


Million $

The expected size of the 3D printing market for the medical and dental sectors by 2025,

(According to ID TechEx)


Billion $

The value of the global market for 3D printers and services,

(According to Economist)


Billion $

World demand for 3D printing is projected to rise to $5 billion in 2017.

(According to RnR Market Research)


3D printer shipments

The rate at which 3D printer shipments are expected to grow through 2017,

(According to Gartner) 


3D Printing in Aerospace

3D printing’s annual growth rate into aerospace field, specially Airplane engines.

(According to Business Insider) 


Hearing-Aid Shells

Health care is already knee-deep in 3D printing. 90% of all hearing-aid shells today are produced through 3D printing process.

(According to Mitchell and co.) 


3D in Dental Applications

The growth in 3D printing in dental applications alone,

(According to Business Insider) 

Estimated breakdown of worldwide 3D printing use in 2014:

  • 31.7% Motor vehicales

  • 18.4% Consumer products

  • 11.2% Business machines

  • 8.8% Medical

  • 8.6% Academic

  • 8.2% Aerospace

  • 5.5% Government and Military

  • 7.7% Others


3D in Dental Applications

Growth in 3D printing in just the consumer market during the last year,

(According to Business Insider)


One of the main core values for 3D Expertos is partnership. We believe in collaborative research and sharing the ideas. The be up-to-date about the evolving nature of the 3D-Printing technologies, 3D Expertos is in close touch with leading institutes and manufacturers in the field.

Our relationship with manufacturers is extended to be a sole reseller in the MENA region, whereas, the 3D Expertos is partnering with leading institutes around the world to insure proving our clients with the latest technologies that satisfy and exceed their expectations.